With an industry so diverse in the state of Oregon, the only thing missing was a group to unite and bring the craft together. The Oregon Coffee Board was founded in 2014 to represent the Oregon coffee industry and promote the quality and diversity that is found among the coffee trade. As the first of it’s kind in the United States, the Oregon Coffee Board has elevated standards to encourage involvement and promote specialty coffee in the industry. Providing information and leadership to help guide members, the Oregon Coffee Board is dedicated to the betterment of each member’s craft. 

The Oregon Coffee Board offers many different options for membership, whether you’re part of a business who works within the coffee industry or simply a coffee enthusiast, the Oregon Coffee Board has a place for you. Membership options can be found on the Members page above. Each month we hold a meeting for members to get together and discuss what’s happening in our great state. We would love to have you join us! A list of meeting dates can be found on our Events page. 

Bylaws of Oregon Coffee Board

Executive members of Oregon Coffee Board